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she sells seaweed

Posted: April 24 2012

News from greenhorn Kacie Lopato, now harvesting west coast seaweed!

I am writing to you today offering a variety of locally gathered wild edible seaweeds. I have both Pacific (for a limited time)and Atlantic seaweed in stock.
Below you can read a short description of each seaweed.
Bull Whip Kelp- Bright green and flaky. Salty flavor with a bit of sweet from the spore patches. Great ground into a furikake mixture with sesame seeds to shake on rice, eggs, popcorn and more.
Kombu- Sweet, smoky flavor. Best added to a pot of beans to tenderize, flavor and aid digestion. Highest in iodine. Detoxifying as a broth for soups particularly good for a miso soup base. 
Sea Palm- Unique ribbed texture. Toast for a crispy snack and toss with roasted almonds or cashews. Soak to reconstitute and use as a noodle. Complementary to mushroom dishes.
Wakame- Taste reminiscent to chicken bouillon. Soak to reconstitute and add to soups and stir fried or steamed veggies especially good with carrots. High in vitamin C and calcium.
Nori- Strong ocean flavor. Best toasted or deep fried and eaten like a chip or crumbled into a variety of dishes. High in protein.
Dulse- Beautiful deep red hue. Versatile. Needs minimal cooking, just add to sautéed greens and soups just at the end of cooking. Fry and eat like a chip.
See website for descriptions of Atlantic varieties.
Gathering seaweed is both meditative and adventurous work that immerses one into the water element according to the cycle of the tides followed by long hours of drying and sorting under the baking sun. Drying seaweed rather than delivering fresh is much more economical because it can be done in bulk quantities and it stores well for many years. Seaweed can be easily soaked, re-hydrating the plant into a highly nutritious food- enjoy toasted as well.
When you integrate seaweed into your kitchen you are greatly enriching our food culture. Seaweed is a balancing food, and one that can be added to a daring or simple menu.
I am approaching my 6th harvest season gathering seaweeds from both Atlantic and Pacific waters. Selling at farmers markets, sharing my experience, I have made it my mission to encourage the enjoyment of this unique and nutritious food source from coast to coast.  – Kacie
Visit  www.shesellsseaweed.com to place an order. Try my Sea to Sea variety Pack or my Atlantic Variety Pack. Or, order bags of individual varieties. See to my recipe page for a number of creative recipes.

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