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seeking farm manager in middletown NY

Posted: November 22 2011

Farm Manager – Middletown, NY Area
We are seeking a motivated individual with three to five years experience in vegetable/fruit production for a full time position re-establishing farmland outside of Middletown, NY.  Experience planting, growing and harvesting hops is a plus.  We anticipate starting with a one acre hop yard (adding an additional 5-10 acres in year 2), 10 acres for pumpkins and the like and 5 acres of corn for a corn maze.  Greenhouse(s) will be constructed for other types of produce, flowers, etc.  Responsibilities include all farming/growing requirements such as field planning, field management (tillage, fertility, seeding, cultivation, irrigation, and disease/pest control), equipment maintenance, harvesting, record keeping, etc.  The land is currently undeveloped, so the candidate will play a major role in deciding what to grow and building/greenhouse requirements.  Our goal is to have a fully functional farm, haunted house attractions and the potential for a brewery/brewpub.  Inquiries can be emailed to [email protected].

middletown, ny