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Posted: November 21 2013

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Rural Punk Magazine Call Out For Submissions
Hey You! Rural Punk! We are creating a magazine just for us, the rural punks, back to the land skids, backwoods anarchists, etc! The Country Grind is a smokin’ new quarterly magazine specifically for those folks who have ran away from the cities in search of a simpler, saner, and more fulfilling life. All content is written by fellow rural punks and is intended for a rural punk audience. Whether you live in a small town, deep in the bush, on a farm in the prairies, or tucked away in the mountains. Whether you’re on grid or off. A vegan gardener or a hunter/trapper. You’re a lone wolf or you’ve got a spouse and kids. As long as you’re a punk* and you don’t live in a city, this magazine is for you.
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