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>>> rabbit roast protocol

Posted: August 8 2008
these rules must be read by all attendees to the rabbit roast. 

important to be legal and respectful and good little citizens at a perfect tiny agrarian pageant. 
think of our partner and host as a kindly sleeping aunty whose jam pot you're minding. 
She spent the whole morning bent over collecting raspberries.
Careful not to make a caramel on the bottom of the pan, or she'll awake fuming- 
"these young people, no respect for jam-making, no respect for raspberries"
Stir carefully then, young swain. And read the rules of the Farm before signing up to Glynwood.
As follows >>>

Essential regulations for site use are


1.           If event is held outdoors, BOH-approved sanitary systems sufficient for the number of guests must be rented by guest.


2.           In the case of overnight events, no one not staying at Glynwood may visit the property unless providing a service for the event.


3.           No one under age 21 allowed, including children of participants.


4.           No one other than event planners may bring alcohol, which is limited to beer and wine and may only be consumed if guests are staying overnight and no one will be driving off the premises.


5.           No entry into animal enclosures, enclosed gardens, or buildings unless this is part of planned activities and a Glynwood staff member is in attendance, or a Glynwood staff member gives permission.


6.           No consumption of tobacco indoors.  None outdoors except on paved surfaces, but not on the paved drives that run along the barn. 


7.           No sound systems or electrified musical instruments to be used outdoors.  Exceptions can be made under certain circumstances.


8.           Fires in workshop only.  Fire is under control of Glynwood staff.


9.           No swimming.  Anyone swimming will be asked to leave Glynwood. 


10.      Boating is allowed if you designate hours for it and we can get a staff member to supervise.  Hours must be between sunrise and sunset.  Life jackets must be worn.  Some boats are not owned by Glynwood, so supervising staff member will indicate which ones may be used.  Attendees may bring their own canoes, rowboats, and kayaks, but still may only use them during designated hours. 


11.      Fishing will be permitted during boating hours, provided people use their own gear and have NYS licenses.  Staff member will check licenses.   If you don’t have boating hours, fishing is not permitted.


12.      No guests in the main house kitchen, except by permission of Innkeeper. 


13.      No cooking in main house kitchen by guests, caterers, or Innkeeper.  Reheating is permitted.


14.      Parking in main parking lot only. 


15.      No pets allowed.


16.      Speed limit of 20 mph on all of Glynwood Road


17.      No pedestrian use of road beyond paved portion. 


18.      If main house is used for meals, all restrooms on main house ground floor are available for guests.  Guests may not go upstairs in main house.


19.      No hiking alone.  Please try to have a mobile phone with each hiking party.  Do not set out on a hike with less than 2 hours to sunset.