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Pregnant Ponies on the Road! Chapters from a young farmer...

Posted: October 3 2008

Hello Friends,

 So I am down to my last weeks here in Maine-- it has become an amazing autumn, clear light, beautiful leaves. I just wanted to let you all know what I am up to next, and what I have been working on here.

I have bought two Fjord horses, a seven year old mare from New Brunswick, and a two year old Gelding from Mandala Farm (where I have been these last two seasons). The mare has been bred to the  Stallion here, and will foal if all goes well next June.

Pretty soon we will be across the country—on grease hopefully—to California. The horses will be put on a semi truck at the end of the month and they should arrive at the Apple Farm the first week of November where I should be ready for them. I am excited about my next chapter: trying to really incorporate live power into the apple farm and grow a lot more food there, though already sad to leave so many things about the east coast. (I am already missing the snow and good friends I have made. I know I have learned more than I can even imagine. Thank you all for being a part of my life and helping me make this happen!



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