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Posted: October 28 2013

If you're Salatin fans like we are, this will be right up your alley:
[vimeo http://vimeo.com/76483042]

We are an Australian family, who for over 20 years have worked with farmers all over the world helping them to regenerate their farms, communities and most importantly soils.
We are in America for a 2 month workshop tour, and in between workshops my husband Darren Doherty has just presented a plenary at Bioneers in California and will be presenting at the Quivira Coalition in New Mexico, in November. 
For the last 2 years we have been filming a documentary on the renowned Polyface Farm & it's broad community of 5000 families within a 3 hour 'Foodshed' of this unique operation in Swoope, Virginia. We do not need GM to feed the world and this farm is a wonderful example of how to do it without the use of chemicals, respecting the animals and re-invigorating local communities. Our hope is to finish the filming of the documentary while we are here on this trip, and then commence the editing over the Christmas/New Year period, back in Australia, to have the film ready for distribution as soon as possible next year.
 A Heinz Award winner, Joel Salatin was called the 'most innovative farmer in the world' by Time Magazine, stars in the Oscar-nominated Food Inc., along with Michael Pollan's best selling 'The Omnivore's Dilemma'  and is seen as an inspiration to many thousands of farmers around the world. Joel also recently spoke at the UK Parliament on regenerative farming practices, and is the author of 8 books about his techniques.
We are very excited to be interviewing renowned author Michael Pollan and Sally Fallon Morell, from the Weston A. Price Foundation, which will add incredible insight to our documentary.
Did you know that agriculture is the most damaging industry on the planet?
With our food system in desperate need of a reboot, we wanted to make a film that is a positive example of how you can farm and feed thousands of people in your community.
Obesity and diabetes are sky rocketing all around the globe and food allergies have become the norm. What if eating fresh, locally farmed produce could not only make us healthier, reinvigorate local economies and also help save the planet?
Please take 8 minutes out of your busy day to watch our trailer, "Polyfaces". We are at the final stages of a 2 year shoot and will then move into the editing stage. After spending $50,000 of our own funds, we are out of budget and now are looking for philanthropic donors to help us to finish this very important project that could realistically help to change the face of agriculture for the better, the world over.
If you watch the trailer you will see that I have placed a very high importance on the wisdom of the women, who are an integral part of the whole farm and community. We wanted to make it clear that women, as consumers, have an enormous power within what they choose to provide to their families.
We are pitching this production to the everyday consumer, who we believe through their daily choices can change the face of agriculture for the better!
hudson, new york