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news from a goat-milking greenhorn in spain

Posted: June 19 2009

We just got word from Greenhorn Talia Kahn-Kravis, who's busy spreading the good greenhorns vibes in the mountains of Spain!  Talia worked with us all of last year, maintaining databases and tending the geese and ducks among other valiant efforts for the cause.  Keep up the good work, Talia!
i have been in the middle of nowhere in the mountains of spain milkin them goats!- and off the grid. woohoo! there is now a baby goat in galicia named Talia! maybe she can be the first goat greenhorn? the area that this farm and baby talia live in is a ghost town- full of crumbling abandoned houses. people have been leaving this region for the past 40 years because of diminished opportunities in ag and now there are only 2 families left in a village of 40 houses- extreme symbollism for the state of ag- roofs caving in by the day and less and less people around to remember a time when community existed in these mountains. but, on the other hand, i have seen many cool projects so far- many solar panels, different approaches to growin your veggies- from pure "fukoka" to an anal british version of meticulous organics, earth building and a bicycle powered laundry machine!!!! we should do this!
good job getting another software y buena suerte a la grande event in brooklyn soon!!!!! i hope everything is going well and can't wait to get caught up when i get back. keep ya posted.


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