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nesawg 2015 conference

Posted: June 22 2015

logoNESAWG 2015 Conference: Putting MOVE in the Movement

Civil rights, labor, women’s rights—the movements that transformed our world can give us insight on ways to accelerate food systems change.  What can we learn from leaders past and present?  How can we better organize our work, our networks, our message, our media? At this year’s NESAWG conference (Nov 13-14), learn and strategize with hundreds of attendees—from farmers to researchers to policymakers—as we work to build a movement and realize the change we want to see.
Shirley Sherrod, a longtime civil rights activist and advocate for family farms and food justice, will deliver the keynote speech, addressing the conference theme: Putting Move in the Movement. Check out the conference website for more info, and hope to see you there!




New York