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NEFU Convention Dec 6-7

Posted: November 1 2013


If you participate in agriculture – as a producer, processor or eater – then attend NEFU’s 2013 convention. It’s democracy in action

Every year, members of New England Farmers Union (NEFU) convene to set the organization’s priorities, review the policy goals, and elect a board of directors. Please mark your calendar for this year’s annual convention, December 6-7. It will be held at the Newport Marriott in Newport, RI, and details can be found here. Anne Alonzo, administrator of the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service, has been invited as our keynote speaker.
NEFU sets its policy through a democratic, grass-roots process and relies on member input to shape its priorities and guide its actions. At the annual convention, members review and approve changes to NEFU’s policy book, which guides the organization’s efforts. NEFU’s 2013 policy committee seeks your input into proposed changes to the book. You can make suggestions using this official form. The committee is chaired by Beth Hodge of Echo Farm and farmer members Tim O’Connell, Penny Jordan, Steve Normanton, and Nathan L’Etoile.
This year, NEFU joins National Farmers Union (NFU) in its third annual campaign to help raise funds for Feeding America, the nation's leading domestic hunger-relief charity. We hope to announce a significant contribution to Feeding America at our annual meeting, and NFU Vice President and NEFU member Claudia Svarstad is offering a challenge to help us get there. She will match the first $1,000 in contributions from NEFU members, dollar-for-dollar. That means if you give $100, it’s like you’re giving $200 to this worthy cause. Let’s take advantage of this chance to help even more hungry families. Click here to donate.
NEFU’s alliance partner, OwnEnergy, is hosting a breakfast for NEFU members on December 7. NEFU has entered into an alliance with OwnEnergy, the national leader in community scale wind energy development. Join them for breakfast and learn about wind energy projects in New England, and how you can benefit.

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