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Mustard Seed Farm, IA

Posted: May 5 2009

Updates and events from the crew of Greenhorns at Mustard Seed Farm in Ames Iowa ...
Haven't sent a newsletter out lately, and there's some things we'd like you to know about. so;
Spring Festival: Saturday, May 16th, from 1-4 PM at the farm (366 W ave., Ames, IA, 50014)
We're having our first event of the year to celebrate the start of our second year. Fun things we'll be doing will include: planting flower beds, and planting perrenials. If anyone was considering giving perennials to our farm, this would be a good time to bring them so you can see where they end up. We'll also be having a snack potluck, so bring something to snack on to share if you can. Come help celebrate our ongoing ability to produce food!
dsc_00111Things we're looking for:
1. Alice's car, which is our delivery vehicle is broken beyond rational repair, so she is looking a buy a replacement. We'd love a fuel-efficient hatchback with working air-conditioning for less than $1,000, but we're willing to look at other options.
2. A normal size, reliable, gas-powered lawn mower.
3. Helpers on Monday, Tuesday, Wendnesday, Friday, or Saturday, especially Tuesday and Friday (as usual, contact us before coming to make sure we're there
4. People that need free vegetables and people that would want to deliver it to them.
Progress Report
Things have been going pretty well here, we finished building a greenhouse and have almost finished the loft in our shed. Our living things are also doing quite well; the garlics we've planted last fall came up nicely, we've planted a lot of potatoes, onions, peas, and greens, we've started a good amount of asparagus, strawberries, and rhubarb, and our two new hives of bees are quite active gathering dandelion pollen. All in all, things are going quite well.
Website: We have a website. Check it out <http://mustardseedfarm.org/>. it has a blog, and some cool pictures.

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