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Posted: September 7 2011

Farmstead Meatsmith has a few more classes lined up for the fall.  Please contact [email protected] or206.463.6328 for reservations.

Chicken Harvest and Feast at La Biondo
What:  Farmstead Meatsmith is pairing with La Biondo Farm and Kitchen to present our next Chicken Harvest Feast.
These are glorious events encompassing in one day everything that will advance the agrarian renaissance.  You work with us as we take the chickens from the grass, to the butcher block, to the pot and finally the table where the roasted bird is surrounded by the farm's plenty and the community that put in the work to enjoy the fruit... that would be you.
The day includes interactive instruction in killing, scalding, plucking, eviscerating, dressing, cooking and eating chicken.  We roast a bird for lunch while the ridiculously talented Karen Biondo gathers and prepares the rest of the feast.
When:  Wednesday, September 28th: We'll harvest 10 or so birds, have a farm tour and a massive feast.
Who:  You dressed in your farm clothes, bearing your largest cutting boards, sharpest knives and biggest appetite.
How Much:  $160 for the farm tour, the harvest education and unsurpassed farm feast.
Why:  Because for us, "fresh" really means "I can see my dinner when I look out the kitchen window."

Two Pigs, Slaughter and Butchery
What:  The harvest of two pigs.  These will be two intensive courses.  The first is a slaughter course where we will cover slaughter, scalding, de-hairing, evisceration and offal harvest.
The second class will center around the butcher block as we break down four sides of pork using only traditional tools.
In both classes, the emphasis is hands-on instruction.
When: We've got three pairs of classes now with the first days obviously being slaughter days and the second, butchery:
-Monday and Tuesday, September 5th and 6 at Rogue Valley Brambles Farm in Talent, OR.
-Thursday and Friday, September 15th and 16th.  Vashon Island, WA
-Friday and Saturday, September 30th and October 1st.  Ellensburg, WA
All classes will start at 9am and will end when the work is done, around 5pm.
Cost: $125 per person, or 2 classes for $225.  All classes include a harvest day lunch.
Limited to 8 spots.  For reservations, contact us at [email protected] or call 206.463.MEAT(6328)
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