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mohawk re-skilling festival

Posted: March 22 2011

A day of skillsharing and planning as we build a local network of shared values and knowledge around urban gardens, food networking, food preservation, passive and alternative energies, water catchment, and social justice. Together we can manifest the critical and necessary transition from resource-rich industrial capitalism to bioregional sustainability and community. Workshops with many local and regional teachers including Andrew Faust of the Center for Bioregional Living.
9am-12pm Morning Tour of Troy Sites:
+ Troy Farmer's Market
+ Capital District Community Gardens - Gardening for Beginners: Planning Your Garden
+ Hydroponic Window Farm with Carolyn Braunius
+ The Urban Homestead with Amy Halloran and Jack Magai
+ Troy Bike Rescue - Cargo Bike Demonstration
1-6pm Workshop List (evolving):
+ Connecting to the World Around Us - Ancient Living Skills with Felix Lufkin
+ Trapeze with Leah Penninman (geared towards young people)
+ 'Permaculture: The Growing Edge' Starhawk video & discussion with Nancy Weber
+ Troy Shares with Abby Lublin
+ Homemade Food Factory: Yogurt, Vegetables and Bread with Amy Halloran and her son Francis Magai
+ Build A Biochar Kiln with Jim Welch
+ Youth Organics!
+ Working with the City with Albany Chickens and AVillage
+ Confronting our Climate Change Challenge - the Biochar Strategy with David Yarrow

6pm: Community Potluck
7pm: Sharon Astyk, Featured Speaker
Sharon Astyk is a writer, teacher, blogger, and farmer who covers issues ranging from agriculture to energy policy, from food preservation and cooking to religious life and democracy. She is the author of three books: Depletion and Abundance: Life on the New Home Front, Depletion and Abundance, and A Nation of Farmers: Defeating the Food Crisis on American Soil.
Featured Workshop Presenters:
Todd Fabozzi - Faculty member of Geography and Planning Department at UAlbany, Todd will discuss how auto-oriented growth and other regional dynamics have played out in New York's Capital District. He will also articulate the components of ecological urbanism, showing how better urban design can help address the fiscal, social and environmental challenges of the 21st century.
Toxic Soil Busters - Youth Led Lead Abatement Cooperative - Environmental Justice - Community Organizing
Scott Kellogg - co-author of The Toolbox for Sustainable City Living presenting on Urban Regeneration
Co-Sponsors: Capital District Permaculture Guild, Capital District Transition Network, Troy Bike Rescue, Radix Ecological Center, Soulfire Farm.

troy, ny