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Keeping Agriculture Youthful and Sexy

Posted: March 4 2009

Here's an excerpt from a recent Canadian Press Article:
Young farmers say agriculture must be seen as profitable and 'sexy' to colorfulthrive
The Canadian Press
January 19, 2009

CALGARY - It's no secret that it's a tough time to be a farmer.
The agricultural industry is dealing with volatile commodity prices, costly fertilizers and fuel, low wages for staff and consumers who want to spend less on food.
Yet young farmers say they're also facing a far more elusive problem - an outdated stereotype about what they do and an almost total lack of public knowledge about food production.
And they say to keep the number of Canadian farmers from shrinking even further, they need to work to turn the industry's image around.
"In trying to attract young people, we have to set a positive example and make it sexy," says Leona Dargis, 23, a member-at-large of the Canadian Young Farmers' Forum.
Click here for the full piece.
"(Farmers) are going to have fun, it can be profitable, there's definitely opportunities, but it takes creativity to make it work."


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