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if you employ people in NY state

Posted: February 7 2011

A heads up from our lawyer friend Anne Linder.

I am a lawyer in my day job, and just ran across this article (written by my law firm) that I thought might be of interest to greenhorns in New York.   New Law Increases Burdens and Risks For New York State Employers.  The law is called the "Wage Theft Prevention Act", and requires that employers in New York state must provide certain regular notices regarding wages to their employees and must retain written records documenting the employees' receipt of such notices.  I haven't read the law in full (the full text is here), but from what I can tell it appears to apply to all employers (even those with one employee), and includes farm and agricultural laborers.  Employers need to come into compliance with the law by April 12.   Hope this gives any New York greenhorns a good heads-up if this affects them.

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