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hidden economies: a seminar on economic possibility

Posted: November 5 2014

economic possibility
The Hidden Economies newspaper is published in conjunction with the seminar of the same name scheduled for 22-24. October, 2014 at the The Royal Academy of Fine Art, Copenhagen, DK.
The paper includes the following articles:
Economic Meltdown, or what an iceberg can tell us about the economy by J.K. Gibson-Graham
Imagining Non-Work by Kathi Weeks
Artist Project: Capitalism, as we live it by Andrea Creutz
Solidarity Art Worlds by Caroline Woolard
Feminist initiative, foraging and figurations: Notes from a reading group by Johanna Kaaman and Åsa Ståhl
Circulation economics – An ecological image of man within an organic worldview by Stig Ingebrigtsen and Ove Jakobsen, Bodø Graduate School of Business
The Mealboxes Came a Calling by Zeenath Hasan
The Economics of Free by Andrea Francke
Monetizing the Crowds by Renée Ridgway
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Download the newspaper HERE