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heritage wheat day

Posted: June 18 2010
July 7, 1:00 - 5:00 - Heritage Wheat Field Day at UMass Research Farm

After years of collecting heritage wheats in villages in Europe and the Mideast, UMass research farm is pleased to invite farmers and gardeners, chefs and researchers to tour the UMass heritage wheat trials of rare grains spanning little known ancient einkorn, emmer, and Transcaucasus wheats to delicious varieties beloved by French artisan bakers, and many more. Taste and bring home heritage wheats that thrive in New England. Learn how to integrate small grains in a diversified rotation. Share practical experiences to build a local wheat-to-bread system. Taste high nutrition einkorn bread that is safe for many gluten allergies.

8991 River Road off Rt 116, Deerfield, MA (near Amherst)
Contact Eli Rogosa to register: [email protected]
See: growseed.org for registration form.


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