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growing green award winners.

Posted: April 15 2010

NRDC has announced the 4 winners of the 2010 “Growing Green Awards". And the food producer winner will receive a $10,000 cash prize!

Russ Lester is co-owner of Dixon Ridge Farms, the largest U.S. handler of organic walnuts. Located in Winters, CA, Dixon Ridge has dramatically slashed its environmental impacts, with the goal of becoming 100% energy self-sufficient by 2012. Dixon Ridge walnuts are grown without harmful chemicals, amid carefully selected cover crops and irrigation systems that minimize the need for tillage and reduce global warming pollution. Lester converts walnut shells into energy that is used to power other stages of walnut processing.
“At Dixon Ridge Farms, we’ve been improving our sustainable farming practices for the past 30 years and changing consumer perceptions of organic walnuts along the way,” said Lester. “With our goal to be energy neutral, we plan to reduce our impact on the environment even more. I’m honored to be recognized by NRDC and such a distinguished panel of judges.”