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greens for chickens

Posted: April 20 2011

These folks have written up a nice breakdown on the greens (not grains) that they grow to feed poultry.  Useful information for small-scale poultry raisers!

Growing Forage for Poultry

This year I managed to implement a pretty good schedule for keeping a plot of forage growing all season to feed to the chickens (broilers & hens) and to the ducks (Muscovies for meat).
The plantings include: abruzzi rye, crimson clover, rape, browntop millet, and chicory.
We feed greens to the chickens and ducks every evening. We have a 5 gallon bucket hung in the chickens' coop with four 4" holes drilled in the sides at the bottom. We fill this bucket with greens every evening. We feed greens to the ducks in a similar manner, or in feed pans with a little grain on top of the greens.
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