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greenhorns april newsletter!

Posted: April 4 2012

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April Fools, climate change!
Spring is zooming along with unexpectable weather flucutations. Take precautions, wear your sunhat, stretch your side body, don't get strung out, worn down, or sour!
The Greenhorns book is out!
You can read it then share it your family so they understand your life a bit better. That is why we made it. It is edited by Paula Manalo (http://mendoorganicscsa.com) Zoe Bradbury (http://www.valleyflorafarm.com) and me, Severine v T Fleming (http://www.thegreenhorns.net)
Here is the promotional video about it.
Kristen Kimball says:
"Right now, there is a whole generation of young, energetic, focused new farmers learning the craft, finding land, starting businesses. These are hard-working, dedicated, entrepreneurial folk, and all across the country they are producing exceptional food for their local communities. If you want to know what the voice of this powerful movement sounds like, this is the book for you. It is one of the most optimistic stories in America. The Greenhorns have put together a collection as satisfying as the food these farmers are producing."Bill Mckibben says:
"Amid many sad trends of our day nothing makes me happier than the recent USDA proclamation that for the first time in 150 years the number of farms in America is on the rise. If you want to understand why, and if you want to feel the vigor and love now returning to the land, this book is the place to start!"
Read a review of the book:

News from the trail
I've been on the road with Jordan Kinley shooting for our new web-film series "OUR LAND" which we've been screening out in California : in the wine valleys. (Anderson, Sonoma, Napa). One episode we shot has exactly to do with the opportunity that exists for young farmers to raise sheep, and graze them under winegrapes, and above wine grapes, and between wine grape plantations. There is a lot of potential to grow more than just wine in these landscapes, to add sentience, another layer of jobs, and to maximize the carbon benefits of cover crops. Its about holistic management, about the carbon cycle, about livestock guardian dogs, shearing, milling, weaving and farming like a ninja. Each little episode is a puzzle to compose, because of the short format and the commitment to balance words with visual communication. But fun!
If you wondered about how the farmhacks went at RISD?
here is a little timelapse that Dan made about it.
The next one is April 28-29 at Essex and Intervale
Info details are at http://www.youngfarmers.org/practical/farm-hack/intervale/
This farmhack takes place at the FABULOUS Essex farm ( 500 acres of food, full season diet, horse-powered visionary overachievers a of: milk, beef, pork, chicken, veg, flour, syrup, beans, grains.
www.kristenkimball.com for information on the book " THE DIRTY LIFE" written about their startup.
for RSVP Emily Hanson to get on the list, it is limited admission.
Make it happen.
If you wish there were young farmer events where you live, don't pout!
Get a posse together and make one happen. If you start thinking about it occasionally now, it could likely come together in time for October celebration season. Greenhorns is happy to send you DVD to show ( for $50 bucks) and to talk you thru event production, but really it's not rocket science.
If you are affiliated with an organization, church group, etc. Foist the job on them! Graciously though. 
Upcoming Events
greenhorns gmail calendar 
(which you can take as a calendar feed to your own organization's calendar, if you don't know how to do that yet. Learn! RSS is quite simple people)
April 1-12, OURLAND wineland tour, Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino: conversations within the farm team.*
April 6 "18 reasons" Ourland screening, San Fransisco CA
April 12, Screening GREENHORNS at Williams College with Storey Publishing, book launch!*
April 20 & 21 The Land Grant: Art, Agriculture, Sustainability - Screening, Town Hall Discussion & Mixer, East Lansing MI
April 26 The Greenhorns Screening & Book Signing, Hardwick, VT
April 28-29, Farmhack Intervale/Essex, with a focus on tillage and CAD design*
May 5 New York Food Book Fair, New York, NY
May 12 Brooklyn Food Conference, Brooklyn NY
June 1-3, Strolling of the Heifers, Brattleboro, VT
June 5 New Economics Institute Conference, Bard College, Hudson Valley, NY*
June 16-17, Clearwater Festival, Croton Point NY State. Folk festival, elderflower cordial*
July: Farming only
August: Farming only
September 17 Maker Faire NYC*
Stay limber, drink beer, play like a team, and get silly as often as you can.
Love from here. Much more news mid month, its A big month.
Severine+ team
Jordan Kinley, DP, OUR LAND
Barrett Hawes, Editor, OUR LAND
Matt Burke+ Sarah Schuzuki, Lucas Potzak+ Sarah Tautin, Production OURLAND
Ourland production / events coordination SXSW
Lulu Mclellan, OURLAND, Our land Our valley Wineland tour
Amy Francheshini+ FutureFarmers team, New greenhorns website! Farmhack, Ourland, SYCF graphics
Tess Diamond, Young Farmers Almanac
Reed Underwood+ Hallie Chen, Serve Your Country Food Overhaul
Ben Shute+ Dorn Cox+ Rob Rock, Dan Paluska, Jori Welkin, Rj Steinhart, Farmhack EAST+ webteam
Anne Dailey, Chandler Briggs, Michelle Rehme, fearless bloggers and tweeters
Olivia Sargeant, Greenhorns southern organizing
Sarah Domke, Greenhorns merch+ marketing rocker.
Laura Cline, Graphic design
Colie Cullen, New Farmers Almanac
Hannah Bernhardt, Heritage Radio/ WGXC Radio policy podcasts/ Cornell project
Chris Kennedy, Cornell project
Ines Chapela, Logistics, social media
Brooke Budner, Pictures+ Posters
Brigid, Etsy management
Louella Hill, Seed Circus Oakland
Elise Mcmahon, Zoe Latta, Sydney B, sets props, banners
Lisaruth Elliot, Development
Emily Hanson , upper Midwest organizing, Farmhack Blog+ wiki coordination
Anya Kamenskya, Farmhack, Almanac, Future Farmers
Kristen Loria, Grant Schultz, Farmhack Iowa

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