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grass farmer seeking partner

Posted: January 11 2012
Here is a note from Ed Robertson who owns a 373 acre farm in Theresa, NY.   He's looking for an experienced Grazier to partner with.   If interested, contact him by email: eddy811 at gmail.com
The farm was a dairy from about 1850 to 2004. It has been hayed on and off since 04. The 373 acre farm (Edenfield) has 180 acres of hay fields, 90 acres of brushy, transitional pasture and about 100 acres of forest. The soils are clayish and grow a very heavy hay crop.
I bought the farm in 2009 and have since been cleaning up dump sites, removing old barbed wire fencing, refitting and seeding hay lots, putting in ponds, building roads, mowing back brush around perimeter of fields, built a barn and removed large rocks and stone piles from fields and tiled 15 acres. 
I currently lease the fields out to a haying outfit year by year.
There is no house on the farm but I have roughed in an apartment space in the new, two storey barn. It is insulated, power, septic and water are in and it would take about a month to build out.
I am planning to start on some perimeter fence this spring. There is a lot of fencing there, mostly in very poor condition.
I would like both parties to own cattle, or whatever we center the operation on, so our interests are aligned.

I am looking for the right (honest, ambitious, sober and sane) person and then work out an arrangement that fits. Partner should have some grazing experience and be keenly interested in the biological and nature based art of farming. I will be looking to minimize heavy metal, fossil fuel and pharmaceutical use.

Theresa, ny


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