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golden coast mead

Posted: March 9 2016

“The times when I have the most passion flowing through my bones is when I am making mead and sharing it with people,” says Frank Golbeck, the CEO and Head Mead Maker of Golden Coast Mead in Oceanside, California. Golbeck’s grandfather was an apple grower who made cider, berry wine, grape wine, and honey wine in Yucaipa, California. He owned Los Rios Rancho, where he would serve his mead and where Golbeck remembers hanging behind the bar as a kid. “The adults would just be laughing,” he recalls, “and I remember thinking what is this potion that’s transforming these adults?”
Fates aligned when Golbeck helped his grandfather clean out his garage. They found a bottle of fifteen-year-old mead that Golbeck shared with friends when he returned to college that fall. “It was golden perfection, sunshine in a glass,” he says. “I had this rose-colored night, and three years of beekeeping and mead-making in the basement later, I’m sitting with a friend who says, ‘Dude, we could sell this stuff.’”
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