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from grass to cheese

Posted: April 20 2010

A new documentary that is also a kickstarter project with just three days to go! They could use a little greenhorns push.

From Grass to Cheese is a feature documentary that chronicles the ups and downs of a family-run dairy farm in Ohio during it’s first year of cheese production. From Grass to Cheese will tell the story of Nick and Celeste Nolan, their five children, and what it’s like to start up a family farm in the age of industrial agriculture.
The Nolan family’s Laurel Valley Creamery got it’s start in 2005 when they purchased farmland belonging to Nick’s grandparents in an attempt to carry on their family farming tradition. Their goal now is to create a successful cheese business and also help people renew their relationship with food production. Nick and Celeste firmly believe that by turning grass into cheese there are rewards far greater than just filling stomachs.
Todd Tue, a filmmaker and good friend of the Nolan family, was invited to the farm in 2009 and during his visit made a short video about the family business. The video was warmly received at the Bob Evans Farm Festival and was used on the Laurel Valley website where it gained the attention of many food/dairy blogs on the internet.
Todd and the Nolans have decided to embark on a new project together. The new film will tell the story of Nolan family and how they turn grass into cheese.
The current goal is to raise $28,000.00 to complete a feature-length documentary in 2011. This estimated budget would allow the filmmakers 1 to 2 trips per season to the farm (6-8 trips over a year), roughly 5 days per visit, during the first year of cheese production. The estimated budget for the film will help to cover costs including: rental gear, equipment purchases, gas, and in part, post production expenses such as editing, legal, promotions, and film festivals. Upon completion, the film will be sent to festivals and the filmmakers will seek DVD distribution. The film will also be distributed to farming/food advocates in order to spread the philosophies of community based farming.
Visit the farm: