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forageSF is hiring

Posted: August 8 2012

A sweet gig for an entrepreneurial type.

Operations/Kitchen Manager
We are hiring an operations manager to work with us through the creation/operation of Forage Kitchen. This job is an overall manager of  the business activities of forageSF, as well as kitchen manager for Forage Kitchen. Essentially the Operations Manager is the person most intimately involved with the daily operations of the company, from expense reports, to equipment, to human resources.  This person should have proven experience in the food world. Ideal candidates will have managed/owned restaurants, run shared use-kitchens, or managed the operations of a small to mid-size business.
ForageSF is a San Francisco based company that is a leader in the food movement both locally and nationally. It is most well known for The Underground Market, an artisan food incubator event that regularly attracted thousands of customers monthly, received national and international press, and inspired dozens of similar markets worldwide.
Forage Kitchen, our newest project, has a similar goal. We mean to change the way people start food businesses, and change peoples relationship with food. The heart of this space is a shared-use kitchen for start-up food makers, but it will more than that. A space for anyone interested in food, with classes, shared office space, a nano-brewery, as well as events. This space will be a home for Bay Area food makers.  One which will support artisan food producers, while also providing a venue for anyone interested in food to come together and learn. Much like the market, we hope that this space will be a model for others nation and world-wide.
This position will be an amazing opportunity to join an organization that is not only helping to expand the local food movement, but also helping people live their passion. We are just now coming off a successful kickstarter campaign which raised over $150K from people in the local food community. This is a space people want, help us create it.
The Operations Manager will manage business development, staffing, budgeting and execution. This position requires intense organizational and interpersonal skills. Interest/ability to learn new skills is paramount, and the ability to operate in a sometimes high stress environment is very important. Flexibility is paramount. The perfect applicant will have a broad range of skills: Have deep knowledge about the food industry, be very organized, entrepreneurial, and great at organizing not only themselves but also others.
This is a big job, but also one that will insert you into one of the most dynamic/creative food enterprises in San Francisco. You will be a part of something that is truly new, and have a hand in shaping what it becomes.
Specifically this role with involve:
1.     Managing the operations of forageSF and Forage Kitchen
2.     In charge of the finances of the organization.
3.     Be the main point of contact for all employees and interns, and oversee their progress on projects as well as assigning new projects.
4.     Willingness/ability to learn and do anything that is required.
5.     Working to regularly recruit volunteers/interns, and managing their progress.
6.     Manage Forage Kitchen when it opens.
7.     Work on managing the Forage Kitchen project as it develops.
Ideal candidate will:
-Be aligned with our philosophy
-Have experience managing a restaurant or commercial kitchen
-Be very organized
-Be good at working with/managing people
-Have understanding/experience with small business
This is a full time salaried position. We will be conducting interviews starting this month, and the position will begin late September-early October. If you would like to apply, please fill out this form, and we will be in touch soon to schedule interviews.

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