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food corps conference call

Posted: March 31 2010
Imagine AmeriCorps service members building and tending school gardens and developing Farm to School programs for public schools around the country. Now help us make it happen. Join the planning process for FoodCorps, a national school garden and Farm to School service program. Sign up here and we'll keep you informed about opportunities to get involved.

The call takes place tomorrow!
Join Us:
If you are interested in learning more about FoodCorps, a national AmeriCorps school garden and Farm to School service program.
Our monthly open conference call to discuss the FoodCorps planning process. Catch up on the latest news about the program's development and find out how you can get involved.
To participate:
This Thursday April 1, 5pm Eastern
Call (605) 475-4333
Enter code 571334#

For More Information:

Email [email protected], visit farmercorps.org or call (503) 863-7270.