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Posted: June 12 2012

Another radio show that's well worth a listen.  Especially on those rainy days in the greenhouse. There are some great topics in the archives - we've pasted a few below.
"What’s Eating What" with Michael Olson

Listen Live on Saturdays 9:00am-10:00am Pacific or Delayed on Demand
Every week– as he has for over 700 weeks– Michael Olson brings the most important issues of our lives to the table for an hour of what's eating what radio that will feed your curiosity and make you hunger for more. Food Chain Radio is syndicated on commercial radio stations throughout the U. S. (radio station affiliates) and streamed live and on demand everywhere via the internet.

Show #777:Frozen Fresh
- 09-06-2012 (8.77 MB)  DownloadListen Now   buy cd version
Guests: Mark Kurlansky, Author, Birdseye: The Adventures of a Curious Man
Subject: We have always preserved foods by freezing them, but when we learned how to freeze foods quickly, we quickly moved into the city. This leads us to ask… How did foods become so convenient?
Topics include a brief history of food preservation technologies; how “Yankee Ingenuity” lead to the industrialization of frozen foods; and how that industrialization allowed for the development of cities.
Show #776: FOODIE FANATICS - 26-05-2012 (8.66 MB)  DownloadListen Now   buy cd version
Guests: Daniel Duane, Author, How to Cook Like a Man
Subject: We all must eat to live, and so think little of the daily task of cooking up a meal. But then something happens and eating to live becomes living to eat. This leads us to ask… How can one become a foodie without going belly-up?
Topics include the wisdom of cookbooks; how famous foodies like Alice Waters and Thomas Keller have turned so many others into foodies; and how one may become a foodie without going belly-up.
Show #775: AMISH ALLERGY ANAMOLY - 19-05-2012 (8.7 MB)  DownloadListen Now   buy cd version
Guest: Allergist / Immunologist Dr. Mark Hobreich
Subject: From Reuters:  “Holbreich, an allergist in Indianapolis, has been treating Amish communities in Indiana for two decades, but he noticed that very few Amish actually had allergies.”  This anomaly leads us to ask…  Why do so few Amish have so few allergies?
Topics include the incidence of allergies within the Amish community; speculation as to why Amish farm children have so few allergies; and what the general population might learn from the Amish about allergies.
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