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first release from a project partnership

Posted: August 2 2011

The New American Foodshed is a large and relatively unexplored territory of local and regional markets now opening up for farm, ranch, and related entrepreneurs. It encompasses a growing number of food marketing channels that are developing within regions, for regions, and among regions as consumers and communities put new values into their purchases and investments.
This site is designed to help those entrepreneurs and their advisors find and use relevant business development information from this new territory of local and regional food markets. The Field Guide to the New American Foodshed provides:

  • A birds-eye view of the New American Foodshed and its components.
  • Case studies of farms, ranches, and related businesses that have been successful in foodshed markets.
  • A Decision Tree framework for exploring the case studies as a new business.
  • One-Page Planning tools to take the first step in business planning.

Check it out! And please check in, too. The Field Guide is a work in progress. Additional case studies and business development information will come from your experience in the field. Please see our Contact page for more on how you can submit items for consideration.

red hook, new york