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Posted: October 27 2009

more resources for young farmers!
Ready to Farm – Guide for New and Transitioning Farmers
The FarmStart mission is to facilitate, support and encourage a new generation of farmers to develop economically viable, locally based, and ecological agricultural enterprises.

Our Goals
FarmStart is a not-for-profit organization working toward increasing the presence of young and new farmers, operating their own farm enterprises, within the agriculture community.
By combining the facilitation of unique programs and resources, building partnerships and networks, supporting community capacity and linking farmers with existing programs and resources administered by other organizations, our goals are to:

  • Support a new generation of farmers
  • Promote sustainable business models
  • Coordinate and communicate innovative, new and local market research
  • Develop farm facilities, resources and linkages important to new and young farmers.
  • Develop effective land tenure and stewardship arrangements