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farmers protesting in india

Posted: September 6 2009

A re-post from Comfood on the Doha Round in India:
Trade ministers are attempting to revive the Doha Round in India today.
Thousands of Indian farmers are protesting. You won't see this on CNN i guess.
A good article from Christian Science Monitor, one of the few to cover the protests:
However, the slant of the piece, as is typical in many of these mainstream media pieces, is to pit this as as battle of "rich subsidized" developed country farmers vs. poor developing country farmers. NOWHERE do you see the role of agribusiness as the REAL mover and driver and beneficiary of these policies to pit farmers around the world against each other. It is unfortunate that the ActionAid commentator, instead of laying blame for this sorry state of affairs at the corporations who actually do the trading (i.e. dumping), such as Cargill, ADM, Kraft, etc he targets EU/US farmers suffering from the same system.
The NYT buries the protest and reduces it to "hundreds":
"On Thursday, hundreds of farmers protested against the trade talks in the heart of New Delhi. Organizers of the rally said a softening of India’s stance would “ruin the peasantry and small and medium industries.”
Read NFFC's release from today here
Via Campesina's letter is here: http://www.viacampesina.org/main_en/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=780&Itemid=1