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Farm-mates sought in Woodland, CA

Posted: April 17 2009

via East Bay Permaculture:
I have found a "trailer" (2 bedrooms with a third huge room built on) that I want to live in and am looking for a roommate (couple considered). It's on an organic farm just outside of Woodland, California, about 67 miles from Berkeley (about 13 miles from downtown Davis). You'd need a car living here, but biking with a really big patchkit and pump would be possible most of the year - some streets have bike lanes, but there's no guarantee of safety- speed limit is 55 on most roads. Rent is $750 total- but it gets really hot, so we might need to use things like air conditioning and propane, and we will definitely need high-speed internet for my sanity. We might be able to get a rent reduction for helping with the owners' feral wool sheep. I'd like to run pastured chickens behind the sheep, for meat and eggs. There are some small (much bigger than Bay Area-small) greenhouses available, and lots of farmland that could be rented if you want to grow grains/veggies/fruit.

I'm working on a nearby farm for an extremely low wage. There's not a lot of jobs in the Woodland area, so you would want to think about how you're going to make a living. We're about 35-40 mins from Sacramento, which might have more jobs. There's a lot of what me and my friends call "mean ag" in the area, but due to the drought, farms in the neighborhood don't seem to be spraying as much.
If you're interested, please leave me a message at 415 267-1805