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farm manager apprentice position - Pittsboro, NC

Posted: November 28 2009

Harland's Creek Farm
Certified Organic Produce and Flowers--Pasture Raised Poultry

—March 2010 through October 2010

Harland Creek’s Farm, a certified organic farm, seeks an apprentice to work closely with the Farm Manager on all farming operations for the 2010 main farming season. Harland's Creek Farm grows produce and flowers using certified organic methods and has a pasture raised poultry operation.  This is a significant opportunity to learn about the operation and management of an organic farm. Our farming operations are dedicated to preserving the land and to creating a positive working environment.

The Farm Manager’s Apprentice (FMA) will report to the Farm Manager (FM) and will be responsible for performing tasks in the following categories: operations and maintenance, preparation and attendance at markets, CSA preparation and delivery, preparation and conduct of special events, and other duties as described below. In addition, the FMA apprentice will assist the FM in selected administrative and labor management activities. The FMA will report to the Farm Manager, and complete assignments, work plans and special projects as delegated by the Farm Manager.

Operations and Maintenance
· Work with Farm Manager to complete day to day operations including, but not limited to:
1. Inspection of fences, buildings and equipment
2. Greenhouse and hoop house work
3. Installation and operation of irrigation equipment
4. Preparation of beds, planting, care and harvesting of vegetables and flowers
5. Weeding, inspection for pests, and application of pest controls
6. Feeding and caring for chickens
7. Operation of farm machinery:  walking tractors with attachments, riding tractor, weed eaters, mowers, etc
8. Discussing and coordinating work plans with other staff
· Contribute ideas on how to increase efficiency.
· Take leadership initiative for one aspect of the farm.

Markets, CSA deliveries and Special Events
· Preparation of displays and products for farmer’s markets, CSA deliveries and special events
· Packing boxes, making deliveries and other tasks needed for markets and CSAs
· Handling money and turning in paperwork associated with the above

Other Duties
· General upkeep of grounds and farm property
· New tasks as they become applicable

· Attend Monday morning meetings and complete assignments
· Completes daily journal entries of tasks, pest documents, needs and to do lists
· Reviews Current Best Practices and performs work according to these.

Labor Management
· Supervise staff when Farm Manager is away from the farm
· Lead staff on projects delegated by Farm Manager
· Coordinate logistics and oversee volunteers and interns for special events

Compensation and Benefits:
· Monthly stipend for the months of March through October, paid at the beginning of the month.
· One day a week will be designated as paid time off.
· Access to the farm’s produce
· Attend workshops, classes or educational seminars on issues that may effect the farm
· Access to the farm library and check out of materials for review

Organic Methods: Harland's Creek Farm is a certified organic farm and all work will be carried out using farming methods that are allowed under our organic certification.  In addition, recordkeeping must comply with that required by our certifying agency.

· Experience in an agricultural environment for at least one year.  Ability to use gardening/farming equipment including walking tractors, irrigation equipment, and hand tools.
· Managing and supervisory experience is a plus.
· A strong interest in vegetables, flowers, herbs and poultry.
· Reliability, ability to work with others, and an ability to adapt to changing circumstances.
· Interest in and commitment to organic agriculture.
· Transportation to and from work.  A valid driver license is needed.

Application: Please submit a description of your experience, a resume and references to McCayne Miller at [email protected].