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farm beginnings program at Hawthorne Valley

Posted: October 7 2009

There's still time to sign up for this great program, offered at one of our favorite farms!
The Hawthorne Valley Farm Beginnings Program will offer a structured business planning course, Field Days on successful sustainable farms, and individually tailored mentoring sessions for both new and existing farmers. The program will adapt materials developed and successfully implemented by the Land Stewardship Project and Angelic Organics Learning Center in Minnesota, Illinois, and Wisconsin to address the unique needs of Northeast farmers. Over 500 farmers have graduated from these mid-west Farm Beginnings® programs. Hawthorne Valley Farm Beginnings will become a member of this national network of farmer training programs and resource centers.
The Program
cows in field

  • bi-monthly meeting sessions from mid-October through late March
  • nine farmer-led classroom sessions (35 hours)
  • six Field Days on area farms
  • pairing of participants with an area farmer for one-on-one mentoring
  • creation of a business plan by each participant
  • restricted class size (10-15 participants annually) to allow for in-depth and personal experience

For more information, including the course schedule, click here.


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