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farm aquisition course

Posted: March 14 2012

A new offering from Land for Good: "Acquiring Your Farm." 
Access to land is one of the biggest challenges facing farmers - especially beginning farmers. Will you acquire your farm by leasing, purchasing, or a combination?  How much can you afford and how will you pay for it?  How will you determine the right property for you?  How will you work with landowners, landlords and community resources?  These are big questions for all farm seekers.
This online course will help you find the answers that are right for you.  As you go through the course, you will build your own action plan.  You will have new information and be better prepared to make sound land acquisition choices.
To get the most out of this free course, please read these directions.
1.   Register:  By registering, you'll let Land For Good know about you.  We will send you updates on this course - new information, stories, tools.  In the future, we'll offer online storage of your worksheets, more tools and new features.  Registering is optional.  The course is free and available to anyone.
2.   How this course is organized:  There are 7 topics.  We suggest that you go through them in sequence, starting with Topic 1. Each topic has four parts: 
       a. Topic home page: lists what you'll learn in that topic 
        b. About page: gives you an overview, then links you to:
              i.  Digging deeper sections with more detail on the topic
              ii. Further resources
       c. Stories page: offers real-life examples that pertain to the topic
       d. Tools page: links you to worksheets and  activities that build your action plan
3.   Working with the tools:  You can copy the tools to your hard drive or print them out.  The tools section for each topic starts with a "My Situation" worksheet and ends with an "Action Plan" worksheet.  If you go through the course you will have a complete tool kit, including a well thought-out action plan for your farm acquisition. 
We're looking for stories to add to this online course.  Get in touch if you have a story to share... and please let us know if you come across a link that doesn't work.  Contact: [email protected]

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