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delicious flotilla on the hudson

Posted: July 21 2010

And a successful kickstarter project!  More on Flood Time the movie HERE.  Their teaser is wonderful.
CONTEXT: Flood Tide is a collaboration with the Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea, a project dreamed up by the artist Swoon and built by an eclectic group of artists and performers. In the summer of 2008, the crew built and floated seven large, boat-sculptures down the Hudson River, putting on performances in towns along the way. While documenting the real life journey, Flood Tide is a work of fiction that uses the voyage as its centerpiece. A small crew, with cinematographer Ava Berkofsky behind the lens shot verite footage of the boats underway and created fictional scenes as well.
MUSIC: Music is an integral part of Flood Tide, both onscreen and off. In addition to original songs by Dark Dark Dark and Fall Harbor, the film includes music by Jolie Holland and Nathan Salsburg, and an onscreen performance by sound artist Pauline Oliveros. Along with more conventional screenings, a live-performance version of Flood Tide will tour museums, theaters, galleries and community centers in the United States and Europe with a live musical score by Dark Dark Dark.
CURRENTLY: We are raising funds to do some fine-tuning of the film, color correct, sound mix, and get it out the door and on tour! We've received a number of grants and residencies, but the film has mostly been funded by love, sweat and debt. We've come such a long way and right now we need additional support from friends, family and extended community. Times are tight all around. But if you can give, even $5, you'll help us get one step closer to releasing the film.
Kickstarter funds will go towards:
-4 weeks of edit suite rental and editor's fees
-Color correction
-Sound mix
-Self-distribution costs including DVD and CD production, printing, online distribution for the film and soundtrack and seed money for a national (and international) tour of the film.
Ava Berkfosky (cinematographer)
Dark Dark Dark
Fall Harbor
Ryder Cooley
Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea
More information at: http://floodtidefilm.com
Special thanks to Rooftop Films for supporting this project and graciously providing tickets and season passes to donors.
And to Tod Seelie whose photographs are featured in the above video (and who has tirelessly and beautifully photographed 4 years of raft projects on 3 different bodies of water).