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composting position!

Posted: May 10 2011

Highfields Composting General Manager Position
Lead the way to building regenerative farm and food systems

The General Manager will manage the daily operations of the organization, including financial planning and management, staff and program oversight and support, client relations, program oversight, contract development and management, and administrative functions.   The General Manager reports directly to the Executive Director.  The General Manager will provide an essential oversight and support role for the staff, and with the exception of the Executive Director, the entire staff reports to the General Manager.
The General Manager has the support of the Office Assistant for executing tasks as needed, such as billing and data entry.  This position is being offered as a three-quarter time to full time position.  Competitive wages.  Good benefits package.  Family-friendly and flexible.

Specific Tasks

  • Budget Development
  • Financial Management
  • Contract development and management
  • Organizational systems oversight
    • Information management
  • Staff support and oversight
    • Employee Handbook and protocol – updating as needed
    • Information management
    • Deliverable management
    • Staff time allocation
    • Staff meeting coordination and facilitation
    • Misc project and grant writing support
  • Program oversight and development
    • Program concept and Development
    • Program Budgeting
    • Project integration
    • Project Management
    • Strategic Planning
    • Quality Assurance protocol
  • Banking and related financial matters
    • Checking and money market
    • Payroll
    • Credit Cards
  • Insurance policies
  • And other tasks as required to run a successful organization

Desired Skills

  • 3 or more years in management capacity, with track record of success
  • Financial planning and management experience
  • Strong project development and management history
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience with Microsoft office programs, including excel, and Quick Books
  • Excellent organizational and prioritization skills
  • Excellent people skills

Please Provide

  • Cover letter, including why you are interested in and qualified for this position
  • Resume – including detailed explanation of management experience and examples of leadership roles and positive outcomes
  • 3 professional letters of recommendation

Application Process

  • Rolling acceptance and review of resumes until May 13, 2011

Submit resumes to:

Highfields Center for Composting

Attn: Tom Gilbert
PO Box 503
Hardwick, VT  05843


[email protected]

  • Resumes will be reviewed and vetted
  • Selected applicants will be asked to submit 3 samples of past work, including at least one writing sample
  • Please include work that represents your capacity as a manager and organizational leader, but also feel free to share work that reflects other qualities you will bring to this organization
  •  Selected applicants will be interviewed
  • Final candidates will have final interview with staff panel
red hook, new york