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ciclovida - tomorrow, may 10!

Posted: May 9 2011

Ciclovida:Lifecycle Film, Music & Bike Tour 2011
You are invited to Ciclovida in Turners Falls, MA!
• Bike-powered projection of the award-winning documentary film, Ciclovida: Lifecycle!
• Engaging speakers from a Brazilian landless movement!
• Energized speakers from local climate justice and food justice movements!
• Live musical performances!
You are invited to a pedal-powered movie, music, and multimedia experience with the Ciclovida Tour! This April and May filmmakers and Brazilian activists/musicians featured in the award-winning documentary film Ciclovida: Lifecycle bike down the East Coast of the US, showing Ciclovida: Lifecycle, which follows a group of landless farmers and musicians from northeast Brazil who traverse the entire South American continent by bike in search of natural seeds and expose the devastating effects of industrial agriculture destined for biofuel.
Details of our local event:
Tuesday, May 10tht; 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
24 Third Street, Turners Falls, MA
Schedule of Events:
6:00 PM – Landless Movements in Brazil Workshop
7:30 – Ciclovida Film Screening
9:00 – Speakers Panel
Speakers include:
Ivania de Alencar and Inacio do Nacimento are the landless-farmer-protagonists, co-directors, and camera operators of the Ciclovida: Lifecycle project. As dynamic and passionate speakers and musicians, they are the main inspiration for the film and the tour.
Matt Feinstein one of the filmmakers. Matt is a documentary filmmaker and organizer for social and environmental justice based in Worcester, MA.

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