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Cheesemaking Workshops in VT

Posted: November 20 2011

2012 is Peter Dixon's 14th year of Cheesemaking Workshops near his home in Westminster, Vermont.  In our second year as Westminster Artisan Cheesemaking the lineup is better than ever!
This year's series is comprised of two and three day workshops on the fundamentals of making and aging cheese and operating a small-scale, farmstead or artisanal cheese business.   Workshops are tailored to the needs and interests of beginners as well as experienced manufacturers.  Topics include:

  • hands-on cheesemaking;
  • business planning;
  • technical information on milk chemistry, cheesemaking processes, affinage, sanitation, and food safety; and
  • practical approaches to construction of cheesemaking and aging facilities.

Continue reading to see 2012 Artisan Cheesemaking Workshop Schedule

Artisan Cheesemaking Workshop Schedule 
(click on class titles for complete workshop information)
Introduction to Cheesemaking I
April 21-23
August 27-29

Introduction to Cheesemaking II
April 27-29
August 31- September 2

Advanced Cheesemaking: Washed-curd, Grana, and Hard Alpine Cheeses
May 26-28
Affinage: Techniques, Microbes and Facilities
June 11-13
October 18-20

Hands-On Cheesemaking for Beginners
June 23-24
September 29-30

Developing a HACCP Program for Small-Scale Cheesemakers
July 10-11
Advanced Cheesemaking : Soft-ripened and Blue Cheeses
September 15-17

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