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calling all dreamers and optimistic fools

Posted: July 27 2015

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfQR724hfoA&w=853&h=480]
Jonathan Edwards is playing a live benefit show for our friends at Stone Soup Institute in Harpswell, Maine THIS Friday!
SSI is a horse powered farm and school.  Courses offered integrate traditional as well as contemporary practices and knowledge in the Agrarian Arts, Crafts and Fine Arts.  The education stays in tune with the seasons. They also build tiny houses!
Jon Edwards is an ideal performer for this benefit because of his devotion to send a message through his music. Believing in who he is, longing for living a simple life, and staying true to himself is what makes him special for this show.
Go out to see a great show, be in good company, and support Stone Soup Institute! Buy your tickets here and get all the details!




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