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blue fox farm internship, oregon

Posted: February 10 2012

We started Blue Fox Farm in 2003, on Thompson Creek just outside of the little town of Applegate. Before moving to southern Oregon we interned and worked on farms in Colorado and California in the late 90’s allowing us to gain the insight to run our own operation successfully. Beginning with just over an acre in production in 2003, we have continued to refine and organize our farming systems to it’s current state managing over 30 acres of certified organic farm land.
We grow over 50 different vegetables on 10-15 acres of land per season. The remaining land stays either fallow or in a cover crop rotation, preparing the land for veggie production in subsequent years. This has been a long term goal of ours- to have at least half of our land out of production at any one time. Soil health is our number one priority.
Our produce is sold through our local area food co-ops, farmers markets, and restaurants, as well as a “Market Bucks” CSA program.
Blue Fox Farm’s first year internship program is designed as an introduction to the workings of a small scale commercial vegetable farm. An intern’s main focus will be on harvesting, washing, packing, and marketing the produce. Interns will experience other aspects of the farm as well (transplanting, seeding, record keeping,trellising), but these won’t be a focus. We feel that this introduction to the complex and diversified world of organic farming is an effective way for first year interns to test the waters of farming.
At Blue Fox Farm efficiency is our greatest ally – we incorporate mechanical field prep, transplanting, harvesting, packing into our systems whenever possible. This allows us to focus more on the most important task in vegetable production- the vegetables! Efficient systems also allow us more time to experience life outside of farming.
Interns will work 5 days/week. The days off are Wednesday and Sunday. We pay $8.80/hour with a monthly deduction for room and board if you live on farm. The typical work week will be anywhere between 40 -55 hours, depending on the season and the workload for the week. The workday typically begins at first light (between 6:00 and 7:30 am depending on the season) and ends between 4:00 and 5:30pm. Lunch breaks are 45 minutes in length. Housing provided is either a cabin or RV. There is a shared kitchen, dining, bathroom, and common space in the community building. Wifi and all standard utilities provided. Food produced on-farm is open to all people working with us.
We’re looking for people with a strong work ethic and an attention to detail. The ability to work long hours in the fields performing sometimes repetitive tasks is a must. Some prior experience is preferred, but not required. The most important thing is having the desire to learn the systems of a working farm and the ability to have fun while accomplishing something serious: feeding people.
An on farm visit is required for applicants, and due to the fact that the closest major town is 15 miles away, reliable transportation is a must!
Please, no pets.

applegate, oregon