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Posted: April 29 2011
Austin has young farmers too!  
With the scorching heat and blazing sun, farmers in Central Texas wear their farmers’ tan year round.  But that’s not keeping young Austinites from joining the movement.
Recently, the local news highlighted Austin area farms and a young couple taking the leap from farmhands to farmers.  Skip Connett and Erin Flynn, the owners of Green Gate Farms are building a stepping stone for beginning farmers to launch their own farm enterprises.  The Incubator Farm program designates a piece of land on their existing farm for young farmers to start their own farm business, gaining experience and the opportunity to qualify for low-interest government loans.  Travis Czerw and Neysa King are the first young farmers to take part in the program and have started their very own Roundabout Farm. 
Keep that shade cloth handy, it’s gonna be a hot one.
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