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'animal rights' activists activate their selfish bullshit

Posted: November 13 2012

2000 lbs of meat buried in the ground? That sounds pretty wasteful to us. Sending threats to get your way? Sounds like whiny little children in adult bodies.

A Casualty Amid Battle to Save College Oxen
Published: November 12, 2012

A working ox named Lou, who in recent weeks became arguably his species’ most prominent representative, died on Sunday in pastoral Vermont, euthanized after his impending slaughter stirred a face-off between sustainable farmers in the state and animal rights advocates from around the world.

For Green Mountain College, where Lou tilled the fields with his teammate, a second ox named Bill, this was never the plan. After about 10 years at the college, Lou sustained an injury to his right rear hock over the summer. The college decided to slaughter both animals and serve them in the dining hall, viewing the action as an execution of the college’s sustainable-farming mission.
But criticism from animal rights advocates left the college with a problem: it could not find a slaughterhouse that would take Bill and Lou.
“The slaughterhouses were barraged by threats from the animal rights activists and refused the animals, so we were unable to carry through with our plan,” said William Throop, the college provost who also specializes in environmental ethics.
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