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An Update from Native Hill Farm

Posted: April 21 2009

Here's an update from Greenhorn Nic Koontz out in Fort Collins, Colorado.  We posted another letter from him back in February.
Native Hill Farm is very much moving forward in this crazy Colorado spring of ours - 80 yesterday and a foot of snow coming tonight. Thankful for the additional snowpack for irrigation water heirloom-tomatoeszefuture3this season. and general soil moisture. After much pondering, scheming, and looking around. I decided to move forward with the FSA beginning farmer and rancher loan and was able to qualify for it based on my little farm model. Had to show some good numbers, and having another decent paying job helps the situation look a lot better. The FSA loan officer here is fantastic and is enjoying working with some of the small organic farmers out here. Sorry to hear about other folks hurdles in dealing with this program. The loan has allowed me to buy a tractor, coldframe, and irrigation supplies. Oddly enough I got delayed a week or so on funding of the loan because congress was going back and forth regarding the federal budget.
Well off to seed some flats. hope all is well back east this spring!
Nic Koontz

Native Hill Farm
Fort Collins~Colorado