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Posted: February 7 2013

Corn-fieldShannon Hayes, Sap Bush Hollow Farm
22 January 2013
Dear Friends;

As some of you are aware, I trekked out to Wisconsin this past weekend to speak at a farming conference. While there, I had the opportunity to witness first-hand the impact the latest monoculture corn craze is having on farmers who are putting land stewardship and community ahead of profit. It was a tough weekend for me, and I am thankful to be back nestled away in my own hillsides. But while there, I was reminded of the great magnitude of change we are asking of our farmers: to rebuild a sustainable food system and a life serving economy. This week's blog post, The Price of Corn, tells the story.
It is my hope that, after you read this, you might hug the next farmer you see who is choosing to grow vegetables or grassfed meat, especially when he or she could be making a small fortune tearing up his or her land for corn. Indeed, this entire new life-serving economy we are trying to build will simply not happen without the farmers who are willing to advance the interests of the land, the water and their communities. They will be our foundation.
Thank you for taking the time to read. I deeply appreciate your support as my own mind fills with doubt at the enormousness of what we are asking, and then finds solace in the beautiful responses that unexpectedly come forward.
Shannon Hayes
Sap Bush Hollow Farm, Shannon Hayes.info,  and Grassfed Cooking.com
hudson, new york


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