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106 Mason Jars

Posted: November 17 2010

Our own Patrick Kiley cleaned them for our mixer at NESAWG last week, and here's a little something he wrote.

I scrubbed each one with a little squirt of lavender soap and hot water, again and again, until they sparkled. Out with mouse shit, in with sparkle. These jars are for drinking Red Jacket Orchards cider at tomorrow’s party in Albany at the NESAWG conference. It is for young farmers, beginning farmers, all farmers, and other professional food system ninjas. People like to drink out of jars because it feels a little unplanned and maybe because it gives the mouth something extra to think about before a splash of cider. In the cosmos of tasks, cleaning jars in a kitchen in Brooklyn is not too far removed from a meditative farm task like planting a neat row of seeds. It is much closer to seed planting than making copies on a copy machine, for example. In each task is the lavish sensation of preparing a little bit of the world for a certain event to follow.  It is not just jars (but we love them), but banners and hand-painted signs and foraged ornamentals and local food and sprightly musicians and handshakes and conversational valor and a big leap into community consciousness that make these parties special. Bring your sparkle to our parties!
And Ball jar corporation or similar, please sponsor them.

red hook, new york