upcoming virtual garden workshops

posted June 17, 2020

From the Trustees Boston Community Gardens, check out their virtual workshop offerings to stay engaged and learning this growing season!

Know your Weeds
Tonight! 6/17 6-7PM – FREELearn how to identify common garden weeds, know if they’re edible or medicinal, and manage them if they’re troublemakers. 
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Trellising 101
Tuesday, 6/23 5-6PM – FREEReview of a variety of trellising techniques for tomatoes, peas, beans, cucumbers, and squash. We will discuss recommended materials and have a live demonstration on how to construct them yourself. 
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Herbal Extracts: Tinctures, Elixirs & Oxymels
Wednesday, 6/24 5-6PM – FREEJoin Roxbury-based herbalist-in-training and urban gardener Taina Vargas to learn how to make a variety of extracts with medicinal and culinary herbs to support your health. 
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Cooking the Harvest Series, For Kids
Thursdays 6/25-7/16 4:30-5:30PM – FREEA series of interactive virtual cooking classes focused on cooking fresh, seasonal harvests from the garden, hosted by a different guest gardener/chef each week. Make sure to Pre-register for zoom link and ingredients lists ahead of time!

Vegetable Garden Q&A w/ Michelle
Wednesday, 7/1 5-6PM – FREEMichelle de Lima, Trustees Boston Community Gardens staffer and longtime organic gardener/farmer, will be available to answer any gardening questions, from pest identification to plant maintenance. 
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Greenhorns Cider Camp 2019, in the news!

posted November 18, 2019

For all yee greenhorns whose end-of-summer plans did not involve the pippins of Pembroke, check out this fun and informative article by Jeffrey B. Roth, Maine Correspondent to Lancaster Farming journal: Hard Cider Production Is Focus of DIY Cider Camp.

Gene Cartwright emptying bucket into portable apple grinder to make the pulpy mash that goes into electric cider press. Featuring Smithereen Farm’s Timber Frame Kitchen, Herb Drying Attic, and Blueberry Shed (in the far right)!

Severine reports: “We hope to host more workshops on these kinds of things, co-visioning natural resource economies that are of use in this region. And, we believe that there will be more young farmers in this region — that is why we are here,” Tscharner Fleming said in her welcoming remarks at the cider-pressing weekend in mid-September.

And a dreamy description of Cider Camp’s festivitis: “At the cider event, Cartwright set up his portable apple grinder and cider press in front of the Farm Camp, a two-story, timber-frame outdoor kitchen, which features a large cast-iron kitchen wood-stove. Baskets and bins containing various small apple varieties, along with chokecherries, blueberries and nuts, lined the entrance of the building. With the help of attendees, he demonstrated grinding and pressing apples, the first step in the cider-making process.”

AND of course, stay tuned for upcoming schedule to join us for the next round of Greenhorns Summer Camp workshops and camps in 2020!!

RIGGING, ROLLING, AND RAISING: The Art of Moving Immovable Objects with ROBERT RIVERSONG, Builder, Caver, Climber

posted October 12, 2019

WHO: Robert Riversong, builder and rigging expert

WHAT: Workshop in Rigging, Rolling, and Raising: The Art of Moving Immovable Objects

WHEN: Saturday and Sunday, November 2nd and 3rd, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

ENROLLMENT: Limited to twelve people

COST: $85 (includes lunch and coffee)

RESERVATIONS/INFO: Phil McBride, phildmcbride@gmail.com

Would you like to learn how to move big things around, without hydraulic excavators and cranes? Whether you’re a builder, a homesteader, an arborist, or anyone else who needs these skills, Robert Riversong will show you how.

In this two-day workshop, you’ll practice techniques of moving large and heavy objects using manpower combined with ropes and pulleys to create mechanical advantage.You’ll move a half-ton granite block and raise a timber-frame bent, while getting instruction about safety and many technical aspects of rigging and knot tying.

 Robert Riversong has used these techniques to build timber-frame houses and assist in caving rescues. He’s given workshops on rigging at Yestermorrow Build/Design School and Maine’s Common Ground Fair. His students have included people in the building trades, arborists, boatbuilders, and emergency-rescue personnel. Of his two-day workshop, Robert says, “I usually cover rope types and functions, knot theory and practice,  and a variety of rigging equipment, as well as basic theory in mechanical advantage systems, anchor systems, friction-reduction systems, and vector geometry (with a little trigonometry thrown in for those who enjoy that!).”

For more information about Robert and the workshop, visit https://riversonghousewright.wordpress.com/about/28-rigging-rolling-raising-the-art-of-moving-immovable-objects/

Greenhorns presents: Wild fruit vinega! Making Apple cider vinegar on a homestead scale

Join us for a half day session where we will be learning how to make apple cider vinegar on a homestead scale!

Over the course of the workshop we will be covering all of the essentials of vinegar making. This will include:

  • Learning how to make ACV for your own use. We’ll be Gathering wild and heirloom apples which we will then turn into vinegar.
  • We will be tasting various varieties of apples and learning how the different flavor profiles in the fruit impact the flavor outcome in the cider. We will use this info to generate a ‘data sheet’ on the prolific wild and cultivated trees in the area.
  • Learning the best means for pressing apples, as well as the essentials of sanitation practices and other relevant rules.
  • We will learn the basics of fermentation.
  • Both materials and space will be provided and you will end up with your own carboy of vinegar. We will go through the production methods for producing fire cider, vinaigrette, herbal vinegar and other value added products.
  • Other considerations such as labels, sales rules, MOFGA regulations etc will also be covered.
Important Info:

Date: October 13th

TIme: 1-4 PM

Location: 4 Leighton Point Rd, Reversing Hall

Cost: sliding scale, $10

RSVP requested, email office@greenhorns.org

making it happen: pr0fitability and success workshop!

posted December 3, 2015

Join YFN, The Carrot Project, and New Entry Sustainable Farming Project for a full day workshop
on MONDAY DEC 7th at the Anawan Grange Hall in Rehoboth MA.
AM session.. basic farm accounting and tax preparation with Carolyn Huff from Farm Credit East.
Lunch provided.
PM session.. Benneth Phelps and Noelle Fogg lead Making It Happen, an afternoon of interactive financial management skill building.
Evening 30 min time slots… 2-on-1 farm finance advising with the presenters… sign up for a time slot and send in your recent finance documents ahead of time to take full advantage of this “Ask the Experts” opportunity!!!
Full day, with lunch, and opportunity for personalized financial counseling is only $15 !! Register today and get your winter off to a good start having logged some critical financial brain time for the success of your farm business.

ny: introduction to draft animal power

posted August 8, 2014

Sept 20-21

Northland Sheep Dairy, Marathon, NY

Come participate in a hands-on experience with one of the region’s most wonderful draft animal gurus. Donn Hewes is an experienced teamster and a passionate educator, and loves teaching others how to think like a horse. This is your chance to learn the basics of working with draft horses and mules. Our trainees absolutely LOVE this class!

Sliding Scale Registration $125 to $290 for two days
To register send email toinfo@groundswellcenter.org

“The draft horse workshop at Northland was INCREDIBLE. Literally one of the coolest things I’ve ever participated in EVER. Donn is a Master and is so generous with his time and knowledge. Groundswell is opening so many awesome doors…..”       Groundswell Trainee, 2011

To learn more about this event, visit Groundswell’s website. 

draft horses

mofga: grow your own organic garden workshops

posted February 21, 2014

Grow your own organic garden MOFGA

Locations across Maine

April 2, 2014: 6-9 pm

Are you concerned about the rising cost of food? Unsure what the term “certified organic” means? Interested in learning how to grow your own vegetables in a sustainable manner?
Join MOFGA for an evening-long workshop on how to grow your own garden, where the basics of soil science, how to enrich your soil to produce healthy, high-yielding plants will be discussed. The course will also cover the basics of making and using compost, the principles of crop rotation and how to incorporate green manures and manage nutrients in the garden. Other topics will include how to tell the difference between cultivated plants and weeds, basic weed control strategies and common insect pests and methods of natural insect control. The instructor will be an experienced farmer or gardener from your region.
More about these workshops and MOFGA can be found HERE