schumacher college for new economists

posted January 22, 2016

Applications are now open for the:

Practical tools for local economic transformation

A new generation is choosing to return home to create jobs that support the landscape, the people, and the community of their region, but they lack many of the tools needed to build thriving, inclusive, and sustainable local economies. A broad range of organizations, including the Schumacher Center for a New Economics, have been working for decades in the field of ‘new economics’ to provide these tools. The Schumacher Center has created Schumacher College for New Economists in partnership with these organizations to develop a 9-month postgraduate residency program for an initial class of 25 students selected from and by communities seeking to transform their own economies.

While the issues this program addresses are universal in nature, the effects of our current economic system often have the greatest negative impact on communities marginalized by geographic location, wealth, race, ethnicity, or lack of human capital. By training youth from all types of communities, we aim to place new economic tools in the hands of the next generation, so that they may help define and shape our collective future. Read more here.



posted August 19, 2015

MARCH 1978

down east 


Maine’s Surprising Legislature

Lawmakers in Augusta are getting younger and more independent. And more and more of them are women. By Bill Caldwell.

Bringing Her Down East

A greenhorn learns the ropes on the Gazela Primeiro. By W.B. Leavenworth.

Good News for the Countryside

A new breed of health practitioner is bringing improved medical care to rural Maine. By Lois Lowry.

Deserting the Rock

After 147 years, Mount Desert Rock Light Station is given over to the machines. By John P. March.

Long Season in Aroostook

Color photographic essay by Norm Gibbons.

Tea at Chimney Farm

A visit with Elizabeth Coatsworth at her Nobleboro farmstead. By Sabra Morton.

tourism with a wonderful purpose

posted July 16, 2015

Food Sovereignty Tours



Bolivia Mercado by Shannon Decelle Photography

Multiple dates & locations
Food First, led by Executive Director Eric Holt-Gimenez, offers a series of Food Sovereignty Tours around the globe. The tours are an opportunity to travel to international destinations to experience local food systems and the food sovereignty movement first-hand. Through one- to two-week educational tours, you will learn how you are connected to the global food system and acquire knowledge and strategies you can use to create just, sustainable and healthy food systems in your own community. On each tour, local hosts provide an overview of their country’s history, culture, politics, ecology and agriculture. We also meet with specialists to provide background on specific topics relating to the tour’s theme.  Upcoming trips include Hawaii (Aug), Basque Country (Sept), Mexico (Oct), and Cuba (Jan).

john t. edge’s edible adventure

posted March 8, 2010

Our good friend Evan Elliot at American Foodways wrote this post for us.  Stay tuned for more on these folks.

When most folks visit the Grand Canyon, they marvel at its scale, its silence, its infinite shades of red, rust, and ochre. When John T. Edge first saw it, he said, “Wow. That’s a big canyon. . . . Didn’t I see a taco truck a few miles back?”

photo by lou weinert

For John T, food isn’t a side benefit of travel. It’s the reason to travel. (more…)

an amazing opportunity

posted January 20, 2010

to visit Gaviotas….

So far, few outsiders have managed to visit this special place. But public order is making a comeback in the region, making it possible for the village to invite 30 people for a fully hosted day visit. In addition, Gaviotas founder Paolo Lugari is inviting visitors to a second day of events in and around the Gaviotas office in Bogotá. [18-JAN-2010 UPDATE: 8 SIGN-UPS / 22 SPOTS REMAINING]

Beginning in April, an 8-month rainy season will flood the Gaviotas landing strip – and who knows what 2011 will bring – so this is your chance! (more…)