technology criticism from the beef world

posted March 13, 2014



Here’s an excerpt from a recent post in the Ranching for profit blog. The whole post can be found HERE

“According to one cattle industry leader quoted in a prominent publication, Those who are not willing to take advantage of the new technology may not be able to survive. He isn’t alone in believing that technology is good for ranching.  It is good for business. It just isn’t very good for the cattle business.”

Ranching for profit blog

range rider position in Montana

posted May 13, 2013


The Rodear Initiative (RI) is a pilot project for an innovative management system designed to improve the health, diversity, and productivity of public and private rangelands in the Northern Rockies. The RI is working in partnership with Keystone Conservation and other project partners. Project operations are conducted on a National Forest summer grazing allotment outside of McAllister, MT.

The Range Technician/Rider will be a contract, full-time, seasonal early June and ending in mid October, with the potential to become permanent seasonal. The position may be filled by an individual or couple.

Download the full position description HERE

awesome ranchers coop project

posted January 9, 2013


SOTE Ranchers Cooperative
After a five-year analysis, it became clear that the fragmented nature and scale of the beef industry has created data gaps for ranchers that give cattle buyers and processors a distinct advantage.

SOTE Ranchers Cooperative has established a business framework that collects this lost data, and through a cooperative structure will aggregate a supply of Range Cattle that will leverage that data with the consumer demand for a transparent beef supply.

We handle the challenges of selling your Cull Cows and Bulls by providing seamless logistics from your ranch through processing. And through improved meat yields and a focused sales strategy we plan to deliver a premium for your Range Cattle.


ranching research

posted November 23, 2011

Some suggested reading from Nancy Ranney of the wonderful Ranney Ranch in New Mexico. Beginning with her talk at the 2010 Quivera Coalition Conference.  Thank you, Nancy!

New York Times article by Kim Severson:

National Geographic blog by Bill Chameides:

carly apprenticeships

posted March 8, 2010

all positions have been filled for now, but this is an amazing program – one to keep your eyes on. It’s a project of the Quivera Coalition.

Conservation and Ranching Leadership and Youth (CARLY)

CARLY: There are few challenges more important at this moment in time than encouraging the next generation of leaders in conservation and ranching; and few are more daunting than creating the opportunities they need to learn from mentors and put new knowledge to work. The Quivira Coalition and the San Juan Ranch are taking measures to present these types of opportunities to eager learners. (more…)