hudson estuary bioregional bundle

posted April 27, 2016


Over the past 8 months, a group of artists and designers have produced a Bioregional Bundle – an unbound collection of art, writing and ideas contained in a large envelope – titled Reinhabit the Hudson Estuary about living-in-place.(check out the introduction below).

We are initiating a Kick Starter campaign seeking $6,650 to print 1,000 copies of the Bundle.  Most will be distributed freely through local grassroots watershed groups, as a “potlatch” styled gift, and about 350 will go to Planet Drum Foundation, a non-profit bioregional organization based in San Francisco, California, for their membership.  The campaign was launched on April 9th and will run for 40 days until May 19th.

Please consider visiting the Kick Starter Hudson Bundle campaign website and looking over the information there.  If it feels right, chip in some dough for the printing.

local food by boat: the vermont sail freight project

posted September 19, 2014

Plucked from Civileats

Maritime museums are nostalgic places full of black and white photographs of old sails and rugged seafarers. Ornate boats hint at centuries of technological progress and suggest that craftsmanship has suffered as a result. But the old became new again recently at the Hudson Maritime Museum in New York, when a sailboat arrived to sell agricultural goods from upriver. Visitors caught a glimpse of a river-based local food economy—a vestige of the past and a harbinger of an alternative future.

For the last two summers, the Vermont Sail Freight Project (VSFP) has sailed a boat named Ceres down the Hudson River, carrying all manner of small-scale, artisanal farm products to eager consumers in New York City and at river towns along the way. It has carried everything from grains to maple syrup, honey, carrots, pickles, preserves, herbal teas, goat milk caramels, flour, and beans, selling roughly $50,000 worth of goods in one trip.

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for boat lovers and climate noticers: hudson river activities

posted September 5, 2014


Float on New York: A Waterborne People’s Climate Convergence

August 31 – September 13, 2014

  •  160 Miles in Human Powered Vessels in 2 Weeks
  • A Climate Justice Flotilla


A fleet of full-scale paper boats is going afloat on the Hudson River, charting a course from upstate New York to New York City in a convergence of art and activism to coincide with the meeting of world leaders at the United Nations Climate Summit. To learn more, click—>HERE