posted November 28, 2019

We are seeking candidates for a seasonal, administrative role based in Pembroke, Maine.

30 hours per-week, contract for 2020 summer season, May-October.

Potential to become year round admin position, based on performance.

This is the ‘Office Coordinator’ role for the Greenhorns, a 14 year old grassroots organization working to support young farmers in the USA. We produce events, publications and various multimedia projects that welcome in the next generation of AgroEcological farmers. We are based on a beautiful small farm in Maine, with a campus that includes: certified organic saltwater farm with teaching facilities, campsite and agrotourism operation, 1986 Odd Fellows hall turned agricultural library, two Pennamaquan River houses with boat shop, barns, carpenter shop with wood stove, mushroomery, amazing trails and nature in every direction.

Our mission is to create a hospitable and networked environment for sustainable agriculture.  We publish the NEW FARMERS ALMANAC, produce films called OURLAND, did many years of RADIO and will resume soon, have 3 guidebooks in the making. The office coordinator supports our various projects including the summertime farm camps, the agrarian research library, managing the blog, managing office functions/coordination, web calendar and web enquiries, supporting and coordinating with contractors and collaborators, running errands, running web shop and mailings. This role is flexible and allows for adventures, gardening, rural living, art practice and self-directed research. This is a residential position for May-October 2020, with remote work starting earlier. 

Essential / introductory projects include web calendar coordinating, web shop management, and summertime Farm Camps — facilitating, budgeting, tracking expenses, communications and marketing. Looking especially for someone with experience in Quickbooks, WordPress, MailChimp, creating and updating organizational and project budgets, and coordinating with contract workers. Most importantly, we are looking for a person with a keen sense of organization and the wherewithal to work in a shifting workplace.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate Summer Farm Camps, including budgeting and tracking expenses, marketing and communicating with volunteers, leaders, and attendees, and collecting survey data
  • Update web calendar and Listserv programs
  • Assist with management of organizational budgets
  • Coordinate sales and inventory of merchandise
  • Supervision of volunteers, interns, visitors, workshop presenters
  • Assist with project management of odd jobs and farm happenings

Position Includes:

  • Office space
  • Heated off-site housing
  • Studio space
  • Gardening space
  • Miles of trails
  • Access to all our tools, books, bikes, outdoor gear, and Library

We need a letter of interest, writing sample, resume and 2 references. 

Please send to with subject SUMMER OFFICE.

Greenhorns and Scythe Supply present: One day short-course in Scything

Taught by scything legend (and neighbour farmer) Jim Kovaleski and Carol Bryan of Scythe Supply. You will learn to manage fencerows, roads, paths, lawns, orchards – all without motor noise! Find the optimal physics, the romance of the swing, and learn some small tricks for sharpening and blade maintenance. (If you are coming from away, plan to arrive the evening of June 14th)

Jim Kovalesky has been a nomadic farmer for the last eight years, spending spring and summer farming in Downeast Maine, growing food for the local farmers market and Eat Local Eastport Co-op. In early fall Jim has traveled south bringing an abundance of Maine grown produce to Florida and Freedom House Farm, where he grows veggies and subtropical fruit through the winter. In Florida, Jim is an Urban farmer growing in two front yards, about 1/2 acre of land in downtown New Port Richey. From this land he supplies a farmers market, a buyers club and Wrights Natural Market the local health food store, with Fresh organic produce through the winter.

He grows food in both places using hand tools and concentrate large volumes of organic matter in no-till garden beds making a living for himself producing nutrient dense tasty food for friends, neighbors, and patrons.

Jim is very excited about a practice he calls “Grass Fed Vegetables.” In this system he uses a scythe to mow 7 acres of meadow hay and concentrate that onto 1/2 acre of garden beds as a thick layer of feeding mulch for the micro-herd populating the rich soil. In the in the last 7 years using this system he has not watered or fertilized and has weeded very little while increasing both the amount of food coming from the land he tends and the vitality of the land itself. This system relies heavily on the the European style scythe, which he says is the best hand tool that he has ever used.

2018 finds Jim moving his Maine farming efforts to Pembroke on the homestead known as Hopes Haven, situated next to Smithereen Farm, the Greenhorns new adventure Downeast. He plans to offer scythe instruction through the summer of 2018 and for many years to come with the tool he loves and sees as a gateway to regenerative small scale organic farming

No purchase of Scythe is required, but all equipment will be available for sale. The daylong course costs $20 for downeasters/$40 from away and includes camping, picnic lunch, use of outdoor kitchen.

Greenhorns presents: GPS for Beginners.

This workshop will go over the basics of making online digital maps of farm properties using a combination of handheld digital devices (GPS or smartphone) and online satellite and other imagery. We will discuss the most efficient ways to use and combine and manipulate these sources. We will look at additional data layers that can be added to a digital map such as information about elevation, slope and aspect (which direction a slope faces) as well as soil maps, tax maps and historical maps. We will also review a few software packages that can assist in farm management and the process of importing our digital farm maps into their management environments. If time allows, we will go over the use of drones to build very high res maps of farm properties. 

Our teacher is Markley Boyer. Markley has made maps for the Wildlife Conservation Society of a new national park system in Gabon, and mapped the historic ecosystems of Manhattan Island for the book Mannahatta.

Class size is limited, scholarships available. $40 to register: