hudson valley farmers are making responsible meat eating easier

posted July 5, 2016


Attention Northeastern meat eaters! These beautiful farmers, and our friends, over at Cairncrest sell sustainably-raised, small-scale, hand-processed pork (raised on forages, local non-GMO grains, and whey from yogurt manufacturing) and 100% grass fed beef at locations in NY, PA, and VT. Highest quality meat from caring and skilled farmers. Order what you want online and choose a pick-up location!

They are also looking for individuals or groups who might be interested in setting up buyers clubs in the Hudson Valley. So if you are a passionate foodie go-getter in the that area, contact the farm!

great job in the hudson valley

posted March 9, 2011

Herondale Farm a mixed-livestock, grass-based, holistically managed farm in the Hudson River Valley is looking for interns/apprentices/willing workers for the 2011 Season. Ideally April through October but the start and end dates are flexible with May through August being the most critical periods.

We raise grass-fed cows, pigs, sheep and chickens and sell to high-end restaurants, in farmers markets, and on-site at our farm store. We also share a portion of our land with Sol Flower CSA — so there is the opportunity to learn about vegetable farming as well if you’e interested. (more…)