food hubs in the rural west

posted April 25, 2016


Can food hubs boost rural farming economies?

Lyndsey Gilpin, 21 April 2016, High Country News

Their idea was to use the building as a community food hub: Local farmers pay a fee to the organization to bring their food to the school building, where it’s sold wholesale at an affordable price for consumers. That way, the hub can compete with chain grocery stores.

a discussion of food hubs!

posted January 6, 2014

via Orion.  Listen HERE

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The local food movement has grown by leaps and bounds, but needs new infrastructure to reach its true potential. In the November/December 2013 edition of Orion, award-winning food writer Rowan Jacobsen reported on one exciting solution to the challenge—food hubs (see “From Farm to Table“). He was joined by a panel of food-sector leaders for a wide ranging discussion about moving the local food movement beyond farmer’s markets.